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Optional Extras for your Music Folders

At Discassette we offer a great selection of optional extras that can improve the look and feel of your music folders. From corner protectors to pencil pockets through hand straps and buckles we can create something both beautiful and functional that will stand the test of time.

Why not have your logo or crest emblazoned on your folders ? You will need to send us your design but if you don’t have the artwork we can create it for you. We’ve even created a print block starting from a photo of a stained glass window.

But don’t forget because each folder is made from scratch we can also vary sizes, spine widths, fabric material, colours and printing. So if  your ideal folder is A3 size with a 1.5″ spine in Outrageous Orange, printed in black with a purple liner we really could make it for you !


Emblazon your Logo or Crest

Foil Printing or Hot Foil Printing uses a special foil placed between the folder and a metal die or block. The block is heated and then stamped onto the folder resulting in an impression of your design in the colour of the foil. Blocks are made in a variety of metals from a high resolution digital file showing the design in black on white. These files are known as the artwork and preferred file formats are .eps or .pdf. If you don’t have artwork we can create it for you.

Once a block is made we store it so it can be used for future orders at no extra cost.

Cost depends on the size of the block and if we have to create the artwork so we are very happy to quote or advise you on the best options.



Choose Your Fabrics & Colours

Our standard fabric is Arbelave Library Buckram. Recognised as one of the best binding cloths this hardwearing acrylic coated woven fabric is also wipeable with a damp cloth making it easy to clean. Available in over 30 different colours this fabric is the best choice for a cloth bound finish. 

If you are looking for a leather look with a glossier and more textured finish then we use Leathercloth. Equally hard wearing this cloth is available in 3 colours, Black, Dark Blue and Red.

All our prices include any colour option from the Arbelave range and the available Leathercloth range.

We also have access to a wide range of alternative fabrics if you have a very particular colour or finish in mind and are happy to quote on a case by case basis.


Get Naming & Numbering

Personalise each folder in a set by foil printing instrument names, choir voices or numbers. The text is made up from classic 6mm Times New Roman letterpress and we can fit up to 24 characters per line over a maximum of two lines.

Printing works best on corners but lines can be printed anywhere on the main body of the folder and numbers up to 100 can also be printed onto rigid spines. 


Decorate with Corner Protectors

These attractive corner protectors not only add a special look but also prevent unsightly damage to the folder edges. Available in Silver or Brass plated Nickel and either square or rounded they add an extra touch to your folders.

Corner Protectors are suitable for use with all Choir Folders and Orchestra Folders 


Pencil Pocket

Made from the same material as each folder these sturdy holders are closed at one end to ensure pens or pencils do not fall through.

Pencil Pockets can be fitted to all music folders except the MP3 Traditional Music Pad.


Adjustable Hand Strap for Choir Folders

It can be tiring holding a folder open while standing and a hand strap certainly helps. This fully adjustable strap fits down the spine of the music folder and has a slide buckle to adjust the strap for any hand size making it ideal for mixed choirs. Once adjusted the singer can confidently hold the folder in one hand even when turning pages.

The Adjustable Hand Strap can be fitted to all Q1 and Q4 style folders.

Other options to consider to improve comfort, especially while standing, are the Adjustable Cross Strap and Finger Strap.


Fixed Finger Strap for Choir Folders

It can be tiring holding a folder open while standing and a Finger Strap certainly helps. Fitted horizontally across the spine this fixed length strap naturally tightens as the folder is closed. Depending on the size of your hand slip two, three or four fingers under the strap when holding the folder flat then close slightly. Once adjusted the singer can confidently hold the folder in one hand even when turning pages.

The Fixed Finger Strap can be fitted to all Choir Folder Styles.

Other options to consider are the Adjustable Hand Strap and Adjustable Cross Strap.


Adjustable Cross Strap for Choir Folders

It can be tiring holding a choir folder open at the perfect angle while standing, especially for long periods and the Adjustable Cross Strap helps take the strain.  Fitted horizontally across the inside faces of the folder, the strap is adjusted using a slide buckle. Because it is fully adjustable it also means the folder can be laid flat on a music stand or table, which is not possible with a fixed strap.

The Adjustable Cross Strap can be fitted to all Choir Folder Styles.

Other options for improving your comfort while standing and holding the folder are the Adjustable Hand Strap and Fixed Finger Strap


Buckles for Orchestra Folders

These slide buckles provide an extra touch for securing ribbon ties on our Orchestra folders and work particularly well on larger folders.

Buckles can be used on all Orchestra Folders with ribbon ties


Credit/Business Card Pocket

Useful if your folders are being used by different singers or musicians these self adhesive card holders accommodate business card sized labels. They can be placed anywhere on the folder and are supplied complete with a blank card. 


Honour Donors with Dedications

Many of our customers are able to purchase their folders, particularly for a whole choir or orchestra, as a result of a generous bequest or donation and would like this recognised. The best way to do this is to make a print block and as these are generally small they are cost effective and can be included free of charge if another block is being made, leaving just the impression charge per folder. 

If you are applying for grant funding then don’t forget to tell the awarding body they can be recognised on the folders if it helps.


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